Notre partenaire polonais

samedi 6 juillet 2013

Our school, The Jan Kasprowicz Secondary School, is situated in Zakrzewo, a small village in north-central Poland not far from Bydgoszcz, the capital of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Our secondary school together with The Public Primary School form part of Joint Schools in Zakrzewo which were established last year.

The population of Zakrzewo is about 4000 people. There are 138 students in our school this year. All of them come not only from Zakrzewo but also from surrounding villages. They learn foreign languages such as English and German.

On the one hand our school is located in a small but very beautiful building and has a lot of modern conveniences like a media room, two computer labs, a gym and so on.

But on the other hand it lies in a disadvantaged area for the social, economic and geographical reasons because it’s typically agricultural and the unemployment rate is really high here.

Nevertheless, our students do their best to achieve the success in learning, especially in learning of foreign languages but many of them will have no chance to go abroad and to visit other countries in order to improve their skills, to meet students from different countries and to make friends with them.

With the help of this project they will be able to do it and to fulfill their dreams. It will also enable them to understand other people, their culture and traditions that is very important and necessary nowadays.










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