La Roumanie, pays coordinateur

samedi 6 juillet 2013

"Nicolae Titulescu" Secondary School is located downtown of Bucharest, near the building of the Romanian Government and Municipality building sector 1.

It is a school with two cycles of education : primary and secondary school with 700 pupils and 52 teachers. Our students belong to all social environments. We also have 12% of pupils from different ethnic groups : Gypsies, Turks, Arabs, Greeks, Macedonians. Almost 24% of students come from single parent families.

School goals are to provide quality education pro-European, stimulating learning through formal and non-formal activities, engaging students in international projects through which they will acquire those civic and social competencies necessary for the integration in any study group or working in the country or in Europe.

Another important objective is to stop the exodus of students to neighboring high schools to secondary level study. We believe that student involvement in Comenius projects can meet this goal (experience has already proven this). Students are increasingly interested in knowing other European countries.

We propose this project with the belief that students will be able to accept cultural diversity (often rejected in the school community). Building a Cultural Kaleidoscope we will build actually a new chance to enter in the world of European culture as a citizen conscious and convinced that we are not all alike, but all are citizens with full rights and duties.

Working and learning each countries culture, students will discover the richness and beauty of our culture, uniqueness Romanian folk art.










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