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mardi 9 juillet 2013

AYS Education Center was founded in 1970 as a nursery school, and has been a landmark in the city of Murcia as a center of innovation in this phase of education. In 2003, starts the new Education Center AYS, in order to be able to continue in its various stages, an educational project with more than 30 years old, has always ensured the education of their students and commitment to quality education. Now we have 350 students from middle-class who never participated in an international proyect.

In AYS face challenges, individualize learning in the classroom and we pour our effort because AYS has a knack for teaching. Thus, creativity, innovation, new technology, sports, science and culture become the main hallmarks of our project, with the main objective to train our students to be competent, able to deal with a near future in your professional and personal life.

AYS Education Center is a private school that works with the intention of meeting the new challenges educational, cultural, technological and social demands today’s society, oriented towards a model of liberal education, coeducational, tolerant, participatory and inclusive incorporating into their model to children with special educational needs.

In AYS Education Center, we understand the great importance of a high-level training of languages with the greatest worldwide. Therefore, our project, as far as foreign languages are concerned, seeks quality training for our students. To this end we plan their important resources including training for handling English language.
Participation in this project give us a great opportunity for sharing with other European citizens our cultural richness of our history.Importanţa given in English Education Center AYS is maximum and participation in European programs will ensure the practice of communication in other languages​​, in our case English. AYS give great importance to English study and student participation in European programs give them the chance to put into practice what they have learned and to get closer to other educational systems, other cultures that we know very little, to relate to their colleagues in other schools and, especially, to form the true spirit of European citizenship.











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