Full team

dimanche 4 août 2013

L’Italie nous a rejoints. L’équipe est donc au complet.

Instituto Comprensivo Erodoto is about 35 years old and in the beginnins it was not always with an own Headmaster, instead of it depended of other school Headmaster of our city.then the school was growing up and due to the location of the school near the pheriphery of the Corigliano Calabro, students come here from the neighbouring housing estate as well as from the suburban areas and the marine zone, and in this way foreign students attend our school (about 5% of the total school population and it can change each school year).As a consequence, there are some students, who live in such socio-cultural and financial circumstances which considerably restrict their opportunities. In an other hand, we always try to keep an equal opportunities for everyone and to provocate a fast inclusion in each class. We have verified that different projects that are based on learning a foreing language, improve that factor of inclusion.But it is not the only reason to participate to this kind of porjects.

Our institution has always proved an interest in the cooperation with other European schools , and not only, in order to broaden our perspective, improve the quality of teaching, learning and school management. We signed a memorandum of understanding with a school of South America and in this way we managed not only to develope a simple collaboration between us, but also an interactive action in an Etwinning project with European partners. We are also interested in enlarging our perspective concerning different teaching methods and approaches such as interdisciplinary teaching, thus opening new perspectives for our teachers and pupils. Learning about different cultures and civilizations will enable our pupils to become more aware and tolerant towards other European countries and it is our priority to ensure that our pupils become active European citizens, to help the students become the adults of a multicultural inclusive society.

Our school has been involved in other European projects and partnerships and we feel we have accumulated an experience
that we would like to share with other countries. On the other hand, there is always something to learn from the experience of other people coming from other cultures and we want our students to be exposed to this kind of life experience.
Moreover, this kind of project comes to meet an increasing need for developing key competences in the modern society.











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